Flashback: Dallas Desire vs Los Angeles Temptation (12/3/2010)

Dallas Desire_IMG_3377

The last game the Dallas Desire played as an LFL franchise was back in December 2010.  The defending champion Los Angeles Temptation rolled under the L.A. Coliseum lights, 40-6, and finished the season as back-to-back Lingerie Football League champions. Emotions ran high that night as there was no shortage of trash talking between the two teams.

Fast forward almost 6 years later and it’s only fitting that the Desire’s first game since the 2010-2011 season is against the L.A. Temptation on Saturday, May 7 at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA.  A lot has changed in that time. The LFL is now known as the Legends Football League and the rosters of both teams have changed significantly. Monique Gaxiola and Ogom Chijindu are the only players that remain from the 2010-2011 Temptation roster. As an added twist, former Temptation QB Michelle Angel is now the starting quarterback for Dallas.

Will the outcome remain the same as back in 2010? Find out on Saturday!

To see more photos from the 2010 game, visit http://photos.sos-photography.net/Sports/Football/LFL-Desire-vs-Temptation-2010/.

_IMG_2568 Dallas Desire, Danielle Hawkins, Tessa Barrera_IMG_2623 Dallas Desire_IMG_2634 Nikki Key_IMG_2426 Dallas Desire, Toni Kelley_IMG_2667 Andrea Spinato, Dallas Desire_IMG_3209 Andrea Spinato, Dallas Desire, Jo'Lissa Brown_IMG_3289 Dallas Desire, Kendriqua Johnson_IMG_2999 _IMG_2854 _IMG_3155 Dallas Desire, Linda Brenner, Monique Gaxiola, Natalie Jahnke, Toni Kelley_IMG_2600 Monique Gaxiola_IMG_3440 Ashley Salerno, Nikki Key_IMG_2832 Andrea Spinato, Dallas Desire_IMG_3305 Ashley Salerno_IMG_3047 Tessa Barrera_IMG_2455 Dallas Desire, Deloraine Wright_IMG_2618 Ogom Chijindu_IMG_3328 Monique Gaxiola_IMG_2428 Melissa Margulies_IMG_2720 Dallas Desire, Linda Brenner_IMG_2629 Dallas Desire, Toni Kelley_IMG_2846 Natalie Jahnke, Stephanie Psick_IMG_2586